The Way of the Samurai

Seven Principles for Business Ethics

Courage – Yuuki

Bravery, Confident, Character    The ability to do things which one finds fearsome. Not intimidated easily by problems, people, or overwhelming circumstances.

Integrity – Gi

Uprightness   Rightness of principle or practice.  Exact conformity to truth, or to the rules prescribed for moral conduct either by divine or human laws.   Uprightness of mind, honesty,    justice, and ethically correct.

Benevolence – Jin

Goodwill   Disposition to do well.  He/she contributes to client, customer, co-worker, and company for the good of all.    Selflessness, love for humanity, goodness.

Respect – Rei

 Politeness, Honor, High Regard.   An attitude of consideration or high regard.  Polite, good manners, expression of gratitude.  Honors rules of family, school, employer, and/or nation.

Honesty – Makoto

Truthfulness.  The act, quality, or condition of being truthful.    Faith, fidelity, trust, sincerity, and straightforward.

Honor – Meiyo

Respect, Reputation   Status of being worthy of honor.   Having or earning the respect of others.  He/she has a good reputation, and/or praiseworthy character.

Loyalty – Chuugi

  Faithful.   Allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government.  Fidelity; contains ideas of true and faithful.

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