Seven Bushido Pathways to Personal Success

Courage – Yuuki

Bravery, Confident, Character    The ability to do things which one finds fearsome. Not intimidated easily by problems, people, or overwhelming circumstances.

Integrity – Gi

Uprightness   Conformity to truth. Moral conduct, uprightness of mind, honesty, justice, adherence to ethical principles.

Benevolence – Jin

Goodwill   Disposition to do well for the good of all.  Selflessness, love for humanity, goodness.

Respect – Rei

 To Hold in High Regard.  Attitude of consideration or high regard. Expressed in politeness, obedience to rules, deference.

Honesty – Makoto

Truthfulness.  The act, quality, or condition of being truthful.    Faith, fidelity, trust, sincerity, and straightforward.

Honor – Meiyo

Respect, Reputation   Having the status of being worthy of honor. Gaining the respect of others. Having a good reputation and praiseworthy character.

Loyalty – Chuugi

  Faithful.   Allegiance, fidelity, trustworthiness.

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