“If you only read one book about personal development, this is it; the message is timeless, and the timing is perfect! Lori’s book is content-rich bursting with ideas, principles, and stories that will inspire and move you forward in your business and personal life. As a Japanese-American, this book reinforces the best values and principles of my heritage.”

− Daniel C. Russ, Esq.
JAG (Military Lawyer) and Private Practice
Lt Colonel, Staff Judge Advocate, USAF, (Retired)

“My roots and identity are planted in the two worlds of America and Japan. This book is both an insightful exploration of the legacy of the samurai and a heartfelt personal journey of discovery about the samurai’s lasting influence on Japanese culture, values and way of life.”

− Clarence Moriwaki, President
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Association

“Ms. Whaley writes an incredibly inspirational and impeccably wise read. I just know that this book will continue to garner greater and greater exposure and praise!”

− Chris Brusatte, Exhibit Manager, Go For Broke National Education Center

“Your life will not be the same as you read about Chiune Sugihara, aka, “The Japanese Schindler.”  This book is a must-add to your library as it will inspire you for generations to come.”

− Patrick Snow, International Bestselling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

“The spirit of the samurai is so deeply ingrained into the Japanese character and culture to such an extent that an understanding of bushido is a key to understanding modern Japan.”

− George Yen, DTM - International President 2013-2014, Toastmasters International

“Bushido, samurai code of ethics, prepares each of us to see what is important in life.  It is truly the foundation for being a great human being.”

− Patsy Surh O’Connell, Founder/President - Asia Pacific Cultural Center

“This book will change lives and provides a call to action.  Bravo!  It is a must-read for men and women globally!”

− Linda Ellis Eastman, CEO
The Professional Woman Network (PWN)