March was Brain Injury Awareness Month

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brain injury awareness monthRight now, we are having our life re-framed, yet I’d still like to bring awareness to the serious issue of brain injuries. My inspiring story is that of a survivor of traumatic brain injury (TBI) who was left with a 7th grade reading level after two rear-end vehicle accidents.

By setting a goal and doing the slow, arduous work, I managed to write a book, knowing it would help in my recovery. It took me nearly seven years to self-publish my book. Meeting me now, you would not know how far I’ve come. I am of Japanese descent and chose to write about my heritage.

brain injury awareness monthI discovered that the paternal side of my family is descended from samurai and through research gained an understanding of the samurai code known as bushido. The code inspired me, giving me a guide and structure to come through my darkest moments. I believe this code can help others facing similar or different but equally challenging issues. And now as we all face the coronavirus pandemic, it can give us a path to follow.

In 2018, I signed a contract with Tuttle Publishing to offer a new edition of my book, “Let the Samurai Be Your Guide.” The book was released on March 17, 2020. TBI is often referred to as the ‘silent disease’ because its symptoms are often not physically visible, but with determination and a clear plan, we can be ‘overcomers’ as I can testify!

Ganbatte kudasai: never give up! For more information go to:


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