Life coaching is a process that helps the individual define themselves, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals.  The life coach’s skills help you formulate strategies, and provide support to make changes in creating the life you envision.

As a Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP)* Certified Life Coach, my mission is to help empower individuals to reach their God-given potential regardless of their path, heritage or circumstances.  Life coaching provides the opportunity to focus on you, developing clarity, insight, and a stronger sense of self-confidence.

My approach emphasizes the Code of Bushido (samurai code of ethics) for the individual.  By developing the character traits of courage, integrity, benevolence, honesty, honor, and loyalty, the firm foundation needed to overcome individual challenges is established.  This foundation becomes an anchor in a sea of turmoil, and a guide through the maze of life.

Through a program of accountability and feedback, you can step ‘outside the box’ to achieve an inspired, purposeful life that transcends a mere existence.

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* Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) is the study of human excellence, and the belief that human beings have infinite potential.  I received my Life Coaching through Peopleistic, formerly Life Design International.


Coaching Testimonies

Lori facilitated what was a divine appointment – turning a corner in my life.  I can’t believe what I received!  So perfectly timed and exceeded my expectations!

~Terri Dunevant, Author, Speaker and Coach


Lori Whaley is an outstanding life coach; she helped me identify my goals and then taught me how to meet them.  Life coaching puts the power to change in the control of the client.  I would highly recommend Lori Whaley.

~Rev. Judith Rinehart-Nelson


Lori:  Thank you so much for helping me get un-stuck!  Working with you has really helped me get focused on what I really want and has given me a new direction.  I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in the past few months!  Thank you.

~ K.P.


Lori was well worth my time and my investment.  She first listened to my needs and coached me in a non-threatening, interactive manner.  I look forward to my journey and I know I have a lot of opportunities open to me. Thank you, I definitely feel more connected.

~ Kami S.


It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial for Lori Whaley.  Along with being very much a professional, I have never met such a genuine, compassionate, kind, real, and loving individual.

Lori has helped me work through painful issues, and to see the positive in all experiences. She has helped me with countless personal and career matters, and I will be forever grateful.  We have a friendship that I will cherish forever.

~ Paulette Lazzari